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Why become a sponsor?

The CLOJ project was covered substantially in The Wimbledon Guardian in 2013. They regularly ran editorials, posting photos and updates from the key fundraising projects, the CLOJ London to Paris charity bike ride, the packing day and finally distribution.


In addition, the social media campaign which was covered not only by CLOJ itself, but was joined by other key social media partners created an incredible social media presence. The campaign was joined by:

  • The leaders of the Doxa Deo church

  • More than 60 members of the Doxa Deo church engaged their social media accounts to share photos, updates and stories.

  • Key members of the Merton Council, the Mayor, Deputy Mayor, local councillors and local members of parliament all engaged the project through social media.


We will be exploring all these opportunities this year again. In our view, this will be a key part to sponsor stakeholdership.


Below are a few examples of how sponsors can contribute and benefit from their generous support to this great cause.

Your logo on the hampers

Every year, key partners in the CLOJ project have the privilege of displaying their names on the CLOJ hampers. This will also be done in 2014.

Your logo on this website

In addition to the above, we can also offer the placement of sponsors' logos and information on the CLOJ website, and also give our sponsors visibility at other fundraising initiatives for 2014.

London to Paris bike ride 2016 sponsorship

Sponsors in 2014 got the opportunity to sponsor their logos on the official CLOJ Cycling vests, on the support van and official CLOJ transport vehicles for the London to Paris charity bike ride. In 2015, we had 9 riders take on the challenge again. The CLOJ London to Paris cycle ride is growing in stature every year, with larger sponsors and more media coverage.


Sponsorship opportunities here include:

  • Sponsor a cyclist: £1000 (feeds 37 families)

  • Name and logo on the cycling vest: £500 per sponsor (feeds 19 families)

  • Name and logo on the official vehicles: £600 per sponsor (feeds 23 families)

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